novel gene discovery platform

Mika Yehezkeli mika at
Mon Apr 10 23:47:57 EST 2000

LabOnWeb introduces a novel gene discovery platform. Elongate
partial EST/cDNA sequences to full length genes, analyze them
and get SAGE expression information at

LabOnWeb combines state-of-the-art algorithms with proprietary
databases to provide the most comprehensive and accurate gene
discovery platform. Powered by Compugen (,
a worldwide leader in gene discovery, the LabOnWeb research engine

* InstantRACE sequence elongation and primer design
* SAGE™ based expression profiles
* Comprehensive homology search  and complete genomic analysis

LabOnWeb's novel gene discovery platform elongates partial
EST/cDNA sequences to full length genes, analyzes them and
and provides SAGE expression information.

-Mika Yehezkeli,

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