Crystallization of His-tagged proteins

Kaj Stenberg kstenber at
Mon Apr 24 16:13:39 EST 2000

In bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts NA <u23s at> wrote:
> Hi,
> assuming that the biochemical characteristics of a given His-tagged
> protein are very similar to the wild-type enzyme, is there any general
> reason not to try and (attempt to) crystallize the His-tagged protein?
> In other words, does an N-terminal His-tag (in general) interfere with
> crystallization, or not? Are there any reviews out there that discuss
> the issue?

The His-tagged protein might not crystallize the same way as the
wild-type protein, ie. due to crystal contacts. But that is no big
problem (if you get crystals..).

Certainly it has been done. A quick check in the PDB with search his-tag
produced 54 hits. You might get to the literature via the references there.

So just go ahead!


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