protein purification and aggregation

Frank Fuerst fant.1 at
Tue Aug 8 03:43:52 EST 2000

Alexander wrote:
> bands on SDS-PAGE. I also noticed an increasing pressure of the column.
> Summarized I got two results, either the proteins appeared in the void volume
> or they disappeard. Thus my interpretation is that the proteins form aggregats
> which either stick to the column or do not interact at all. It is confusing.
>     But I have no direct proof for the formation of aggregats. What else could
> it be?

I also think that it is aggregation.

Have you tried working in the cold room?

> Weiterhin würde ich in "de.rec.mampf" vom Namen her nicht erwarten,
> daß die Gruppe auf vegetarische Gerichte beschränkt ist.
Das ist ein rekursives Acronym, genau wie GNU und heißt:
"Mampfe alles mit Pommes frites." [Stefan Fleiter in dang]

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