Ribosomial proteins synthesis

Brian Laursen bslaursen at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 30 08:45:22 EST 2000

well, now you are basically down to the classical quetsion: what was first?
the hen or the egg?
what happens during cell division is that the two daughter cells each get
approximately half of the ribosomes from the mother cell, and therefore the
cell are already equipped with the necessary tools for protein synthesis
from "birth". Therefore the "old" ribosomes will make ribosomal proetins for
new ribosomes.

During fertilization the zygote (the new cell) will almost only get the DNA
from the sperm cell, and the rest (i.e. also ribosomes) will come from the
mothers egg cell.


Diego B. wrote in message ...
>Hi to all ,
>I have this important question : we know that the ribosomes are
>fundamental to synthetize the proteins, but, seeing that they are
>composed not only by rRNA but also by about 70 proteins...
>well I ask to myself : from where originate these ribosomial proteins
>Thank you in advance

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