Protein property that is absed only on primary structure

John E. Wiktorowicz, Ph.D. johnw at
Wed Aug 30 07:19:05 EST 2000

You've come amazingly close to identifying such a property. It is an
average "pKa" based on the pKa's of its constituent amino acid side
chains. It is called the pI or isoelectric point and can be calculated
from the pK's. Understand, however, that the calculated value reflects
only the denatured pI, not necessarily the native pI (the pI of the
native structure). Check out Swiss-Prot for the software to perform this
calculation. Good luck,

Amit sitt wrote:

> I'm looking for a simple calculated protein property that is based
> only on the primary structure of the protein. Is there a property like
> this (something that is based on pKa or something like this)?thanks

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