Opening for Protein Purification Scientists in INDIA

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INTAS PHARMACEUTICAL,one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company
in INDIA  have grown at over three times the industry average to become
a Rs. 140 crore company. We have jumped from the 116th rank in 1991 to
the 34th position at present in the Indian Pharma Sector.

We are now entering into the  field of Biotechnology with the
introduction of 3-4 blockbuster drugs in the Indian market in next 3
years. This will take Intas to the forefront of the Indian
pharmaceutical industry and establish us as a significant player in the
global generics market. Our future will be made possible by our state-
of-the-art biotechnology infrastructure and the innovative research
skills of our scientists who relentlessly explore new ideas.

If you have what it takes to be an Intasian, we invite you to join us………

As a SCIENTIST, PROTEIN PURIFICATION, you will lead a multidisciplinary
team in the development and scale up of efficient purification
processes for recombinant proteins. You will also play an important
role in the transfer of projects from Process Development to
You are a Ph.D. in biochemistry / protein chemistry and possess 3-5
years of post doctoral research experience preferably in the industry.
You also have hands-on experience in purification of proteins.

part of a multidisciplinary team involved in the development and scale
up of efficient purification processes for recombinant proteins. You
are an M.Sc./M.Tech. or equivalent in Biotechnology / Chemical
Engineering / Biochemistry with 2-3 years experience in protein
purification, process scale-up, standardisation and manufacturing. You
also have experience in process related documentation and GLP/ GMP

As a MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST, (QA / QC), you will be involved in testing
and characterisation of recombinant strains and cell banks, DNA related
QC of final products and other molecular-biology related tests and
assays in relation to recombinant biopharmaceuticals; including
designing of necessary methods.
You are a fresh Ph.D (Molecular Biology) or M.Sc (Molecular Biology)
with 2-3 years of experience in DNA work. You are preferably familiar
with regulatory documentation for biopharmaceuticals.

Excellent communication, presentation skills, and the ability to
participate in timeline driven multidisciplinary programs are
additional prerequisites. Naturally, the remuneration we offer will
match the best in the industry.

If we have described you accurately, email your resume within the next
10 days to:

careers at


mail to :
Chinubhai Centre, Off Nehru Bridge,
Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380 009
Phone:++91 (0)79 6576655
Fax:  ++91 (0)79-6578862

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