easy elution from acrylamid gel?

Aldert Zomer zomeral at biol.rug.nl
Fri Dec 1 09:59:17 EST 2000

"M. Hertel" wrote:
> Hello
> we are looking for a low tech, handmade method for eluting a Protein out
> of an acrylamid gel band. Nothing where You need an electroeluter or
> columns etc. but something simple like dialysis, elution in a agarosegel
> chamber , boiling in a buffer???
> thanks for Ideas
> Moritz

Cut out the band with the protein, place it in a suitable dialysis tube
(as small as possible) with the appropriate buffer, and place this in
the electrophoresis chamber for agarose gels (+buffer) and start
electrophoresis. The protein will go out the gel but remain in the
dialysis tube.

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