Slimy cell suspensions after lambda CE6 induction

Aldert Zomer zomeral at
Fri Dec 8 03:35:57 EST 2000

Emir wrote:
> I was inducing expression of a protein from a T7-type (pET11-based)
> construct in E.coli BLR cells with bacteriophage lambda CE6 that delivers T7
> polymeraze into the bacterial cell upon infection. I noticed that at a
> ration of phage to cells more than ~10 the frozen and then thawed and
> resuspended in a neutral buffer pellet would exhibit higher viscosity that
> non-phage induced cells, i.e., cells look lysed and the suspension is rather
> slimy. Does anybody have an explanation of this phenomenon? Lambda CE6 is
> not supposed to lyse BLR cells, and just lysogenizes them.
> Emir

The slimy stuff is probably chromosomal DNA from the E.coli. The thawing
and freezing may be responsible for the lysis. 

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