removal of SDS from protein samples

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Thu Jul 27 01:55:54 EST 2000

> Does anyone know of an easy way to removal SDS from protein samples.

There is something about cyclodextrin (cannot remember which one) binds
SDS strongly. Has been used to study refolding of SDS denatured
proteins. A quick medline gave:

Couthon F, Clottes E, Vial C
Refolding of SDS- and thermally denatured MM-creatine kinase using
Biochem Biophys Res Commun 1996 Oct 23;227(3):854-60

but I am sure there is other stuff as well. Perhaps sci.chem can help.

I guess you have to distinguish between removing SDS from solution and
from your protein. Although removing most SDS from the solution
(chromatography, precipitation) will draw some SDS away from your
protein I am not sure that all the strongly bound SDS can be easily
removed these ways.

If you find a good (and easy) way, could you not post it, just for the


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