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Fri Mar 10 14:21:40 EST 2000

Purifying a protein from whole saliva is not a good idea, as the bacteria
in the mouth are likely to alter the structure.  You should look into
methods for collecting duct saliva.  For example, parotid saliva can be
easily collectd with a suction cup apparatus.  Parotid saliva has a
viscosity similar to that of water.

It is also possible to collect submadibular saliva, but this requires the
fabrication of  specific collectors for each donor.  This material is also
quite viscous.

Ellis Golub

KimChaiWan wrote:

> hello,
> I 'd like to purify a protein from saliva, but there were  many problems
> for it's viscosity.
> I used whole saliva and removed cell and tissue debris by
> centrifugation. But the supernatant still had strong viscosity.
> Is it normal procedure to purify a protein from saliva with this strong
> viscosity?
> or are there any methods to eliminate viscosity without any harmful
> effects on saliva protein?
> If you have good references about protein purification in saliva, please
> send me the information about that paper and so forth.
> thanks in advance
> ---

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