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I have screened several calatogues for anti-phosphohistidine antibody and
havent found it. There a method from Pierce where the
phosphate group is detected by an Fe-containing compound. This is however 
not specific for phophohistidine, so you can use it only for a purified
protein to check whether it is phosphorylated or not. AntiPhosphoTyrosine
antibodies give a weak signal (to phosphotyrosine according to my
experience) and you should not wash the blot in the cold. However, even if
there is a slight affinity for phosphohistidine, it is very hard to tell
whether it s specific. 
On 10 Mar 2000, Kevin Urbanic wrote:

> Can anybody tell me if you can purchase, or know of a lab that has, an 
> anti-phosphohistidine antibody?  I am looking at non-radioactive methods 
> of identify bacterial two component histidine kinase molecules that 
> become phosphorylated.  
> Can anti-phosphotyrosine antibodies be used to screen for 
> phosphohistidine molecules?

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