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> I was wondering if anybody could help me with a "recipe" for
> making up Collodial Blue (Comassie G-250) solution for
> staining SDS-PAGE gels.  Do you just make it up in water?,
> and if so what sort of concentration?

Coomassie brilliant blue R250?  There is something which sounds similar 
but doesn't work.  Can't remember what it is, exactly.

Anyhoo:  0.1 % coomassie in 40% methanol, 10 % glacial acetic acid in 
water (e.g. 2g dye, 800 ml MeOH, 200 ml GAA, make up to 2 l).  Store at 
4C and can be reused several times.  Stain for about 15 - 20 mins at RT.  
For destaining, I pour off the dye, then wash in dH20 (we have that on 
tap) twice, then wash in destain (same as above, minus the dye) with 
foam bungs to soak up the blue.  This can also be re-used if you lid the 
container to reduce evaporation.

HTH, email me if you're stuck.


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