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For collodial Blue use Coomassie G 250 and follow: Neuhoff et al,
Electrophoresis, 1988, 9, 255-262
They claim, you dont need to destain and its more sensitive, although I
never found that and returned to good old conventional
coomassie stain as Richard describes it.

Hope this helps, Ina

"Richard P. Grant" wrote:

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> > I was wondering if anybody could help me with a "recipe" for
> > making up Collodial Blue (Comassie G-250) solution for
> > staining SDS-PAGE gels.  Do you just make it up in water?,
> > and if so what sort of concentration?
> Coomassie brilliant blue R250?  There is something which sounds similar
> but doesn't work.  Can't remember what it is, exactly.
> Anyhoo:  0.1 % coomassie in 40% methanol, 10 % glacial acetic acid in
> water (e.g. 2g dye, 800 ml MeOH, 200 ml GAA, make up to 2 l).  Store at
> 4C and can be reused several times.  Stain for about 15 - 20 mins at RT.
> For destaining, I pour off the dye, then wash in dH20 (we have that on
> tap) twice, then wash in destain (same as above, minus the dye) with
> foam bungs to soak up the blue.  This can also be re-used if you lid the
> container to reduce evaporation.
> HTH, email me if you're stuck.
> R
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