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Wed Mar 15 02:23:11 EST 2000

I would like to order peptides for protein interaction studies. Maybe
somebody can help me with the following questions: There are two 8mer
(VAIRQYCC and CFILCNSC) peptides we want to test for binding to a protein.
The sequence information was given by a phage display. Binding assay
should either be done with immobilized peptide, coupled to Affigel 10 or
15 (Biorad) or with biotinilated peptide, which later should bind to a
streptavidin matrix. I think in both cases, a linker is needed to leave
space between the matrix and the peptide. How should this be designed? If
coupling to affigel (via amino end or side chain of peptide and
succinimido-groups of the gel) should be efficient, is it correct/ better
to add lysin at one end (to increase the yield) ?

Do you know a good and cheap company where we can order peptides? Europe
would be easier for me ...

Thank you

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