Ultracentrifugation Problems

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Hello Markus,
are you aware that the Quick Seal tubes for the Ti45 take 100 ml as opposed
to 60 ml for the Polycarbonate Ti45 tubes?
So, by volume that should work for you.....

Regards, Ina

Markus Klein wrote:

> Hallo!
> I´m desperately trying to ultracentrifugate a Buffer-Solution containing
> 4 M Guanidinium-Hydrochloride and 100 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8 at 100000g.
> The Beckman Polycarbonat-Tubes  are not stable at this pH, so Beckman
> told me to use Polyallomer-Tubes (for JA20 Rotors in Cooling
> Centrifuge).  I could use them with an adapter in our 45Ti-Rotor. But
> when I tried this, the tubes were deformed and leaked. QuickSeal are to
> small for my volumes (about 200 to 500 ml) and a little bit expensive,
> too.
> Beckman is now telling me, that there is no known solution for my
> problem.
> I can´t believe, that is anybody else trying to ultracentrifuge a pH 8
> solution.

Ina Hinners
Secretory Pathways Laboratory
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WC2A 3PX London
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