help wanted in solving a proteome problem

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Wed Mar 29 10:00:35 EST 2000

Thanx thomas
The one that I am uysing is from Pharmacia
I am using dehydrated IEF gels which are rehydrated in solution(it has
CHAPS biolyte3-10urea andDTE.The samples were made in PGSK(phosphate
buffer and glucose refer to the EXPASY book protein extraction
The ief run was as follows300V for3 hrs followed by 3500V for 24 hrs

Waiting for more suggestion

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Thomas <thomas.korosecNOthSPAM at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I agree with ChrisLaRosa, that it would be very helpfull if
> could go into more detail in giving information. Are you
> running ief or nephge ? Do you prefocuse the rod gel, prior
> to sample application? Do you have the same ampholyte mix in
> your sanple buffer as in the gel? If you are prefocusing,
> your sample could precipitate at the start. The same can
> happen if you haven´t ampholytes in your sample buffer, etc
> etc.
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