Fluorescent protein stain

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Tue May 2 05:15:29 EST 2000

>Unfortunately that's a Coomasie blue reference but I'll have a
>hunt for an EtBr reference

OOPS!!! that's what happens if you keep your lablog on thousands
of little yellow post-it notes...
The Wu and Welsh paper was cited in the ethidium bromide story,
which I pulled from Technical Tips Online:

Igor V. Shevelev, Alexander N. Tretyakov, Oleg K. Kaboev;
Staining of proteins after SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
by ethidium bromide; 8/1/1997.

go to
and key 'shevelev' in the search box

(no, Elsevier is not paying me 5 bucks for this one :)

Hope this also works during SDS-PAGE electrocution. If it does
(or doesn't), let us know.
Make 'em glow!!!

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