Pleas Help Quick

Toby Skinner tobyski at
Thu May 4 20:38:22 EST 2000

Hello, I have a simlpe question and I really nead an answer quick.

Any protein is made up of amino-acids, it is these that define the overall
structure and therefore function of the protein.  I know that amino-acids
can be replaced by other amino-acids without effecting the function of the

So if I was able to generate a new say, Haemoglobin protein which has a
significantly different amino-acid content, does anyone know if (in theory)
it could be created in the lab and experimented apon?  This is a serious
question and has implications for some software I have written
(dissertation) for finding amino-acid sequences which fold into the same
user specified protein.  The idea is that a useful but toxic protein could
be enginered in the lab to be non-toxic.

Any thanks is very appreciated.


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