blue native gel electrophoresis

jw jacqg at
Sat May 27 03:28:17 EST 2000

Nora Plesofsky <np at> wrote:

> I have run native gels to equilibrium to determine approximate sizes of
> protein complexes. However, I continue to read references to blue native gel
> electrophoresis for the same purpose. Can someone tell me what blue native
> gel electrophoresis is (especially the blue part)?

the blue is serva blue G (same as coomassie brilliant blue G, but very
pure). just like SDS it interacts with the proteins and charges them
negative, so they will all run toward the anode. unlike SDS, it doesn't
rip the complexes apart. it is even possible to elute the complexes from
a blue native gel and measure specific activity.

look for papers by schagger (umlaut on the a), to find out how to set it
all up.


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