megadalton protein purification

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Wed May 31 09:24:48 EST 2000

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>Does anyone have any ideas on how to isolate a protein that may
be as
>large as 2.4MD.
>Aric Wiest

In addition to "normal" chromatographic steps (like ion-exchange,
etc.,) the following might be useful:

- Sepharose 2B or 4B

- Velocity sedimentation of sucrose or glycerol gradients (Off
top of my head, it seems like that might be about as big as a
ribosome subunit, so in the 40S-60S range)

- PEG precipitation

Heck, you could probably pellet it at 100000 x g

Is this beast a single chain (!)? A complex? Soluble? Membrane-

Nick Theodorakis

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