histag elution alternative

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> But, enough theories. Here is an experiment. I took an old column that 
> needs to be regenerated anyway, filled it with 200 mM DTT in TBS
> and in 30 min it turned dark brown-orange. Good, here we have the 
> reduction. Now the only thing that remains is to remove this Ni+ and
> recharge with Ni2+. Surprisingly, it turned out to be _very_ difficult:

Thanks for confirming my findings. Now, should we do a joint publication
in BioTechniques? :-)

> 1 M HCl, upon long "soaking" incubation for 1 Hr at room temp (totally 
> OK for crosslinked agarose),  decolorizes the column turning it into 
> normal colorless/white agarose.

I wasn't so sure about the stability of agarose in HCl, that's why I
didn't try this.


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