Westerns; Napthol reagent use method?

agr at medicine.wisc.edu agr at medicine.wisc.edu
Wed Nov 8 12:13:56 EST 2000

 Hello friends,

I have been trying to do westerns using ECL Plus reagent from Amersham
without success and now I would like to try something that I had done
using a napthol reagen successfully a long time ago; unfortuntately, I
don't have the method using napthol reagent (don't even remember the
full name of the compound!).

Can someone please tell me how to do it using napthol reagent and where
I can purchase it and other materials that go with it?

I would very much appreciate an email response
to "agr at medicine.wisc.edu". Thank you very much in advance.

agr at medicine.wisc.edu

agr at medicine.wisc.edu

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