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Tue Nov 28 01:19:42 EST 2000

Dear bionetters, ( is a website collecting lab benchwork
trouble-shooting resources and related protocols for researchers in
molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, genetics and biochemistry.
The index with many subcategories is highly organized and allows
visitors to add their comments for any topic. It also lists the newest
10 topics , the most frequently accessed topics(faq) and the latest
comments from visitors. All resources are searchable.

This site also supply a web interface to access bionet newsgroups such
as methds-reagnts, cellbiol, proteins, immunology, neuroscience etc. It
allows people to view new messages posted in some hot bio-newsgroups.
To participate in the academic discussion one just need to click links
of reply by email or send message via deja which are all listed at the
bottom of each newsgroup message.

Resources in the troubleshooting database are increasing daily. Hope
this site will help some people to find their troubleshooting solution
more easily. More info about the site can be found at


Zhong Huang

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