Protein Spotlight - a new periodical review from Swiss-Prot

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Fri Sep 1 11:14:42 EST 2000

Protein Spotlight - a new periodical review from Swiss-Prot 

"What do you think of 'Protein Spotlight'?", suggested Amos Bairoch. I 
may have looked a little blank but I could see from the expression on 
his face, that it was no suggestion but more a definite proposal. It was 
a good title. I immediately imagined a protein on stage, under heavy 
spotlight, peeling off its clothes to let us discover its primary
In fact, Brigitte Boeckmann who created the logo, thought up 
something quite in the same line, as you will notice.

"It has to be a periodical review. Each article must center on a
protein or group of proteins, whose sequences are in the database. The 
articles must be informative yet not too detailed - the detail can be 
found in the Swiss-Prot entries. They should be pleasant to read and 
illustrated. Cross-references should be made to Swiss-Prot entries and 
articles mentioned in the text." I left the Swiss-Prot group three years 
ago. I came back for Protein Spotlight!

Well, after some sweat on behalf of quite a few, here is the first issue 
of Protein Spotlight. For the time being, it will appear on a monthly 
basis. However, articles following the same rules as those given above 
are more than welcome and our cruising speed could increase to a 
fortnightly issue. Articles can be submitted to the e-mail address given 

I invite you to visit the Protein Spotlight home page on the ExPASy 
Web server or one of its mirror sites. From there you can subscribe and
receive new issues of the journal by email. They can be sent to you in
HTML or PDF format.

I hope you will enjoy this new service from the Swiss-Prot team.
Give us your first impressions, good or bad, we would be glad to hear
from you.

Best regards,

Vivienne Baillie Gerritsen, Science writer.
SWISS-PROT group at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
E-mail: spotlight at


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