journal publication after conference publication

Emir Khatipov ekhatipo at
Thu Sep 7 20:09:50 EST 2000

You can try Molecular Biology Today (, which is a both
hardcopy and online journal (consider your wide audience interest). I can
review your paper, or you can send it to any other editor from the list you
can find on the website.

Please remove NOSPAM when replying directly by email.

"Eckart Bindewald" <bindewald at> wrote in message
news:39833087.457C9D7 at
> Hello!
> I have developed a new computational protein structure optimization
algorithm. I have published it
> in a computer science conference proceedings a short time ago. However, I
think that the work is
> interesting for a much wider audience.
> Do you have a suggestions, which journals would publish that paper, even
though it has been
> presented at a conference before?
> No "tough luck" emails please! :-)
> Regards,
>            Eckart Bindewald

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