Protein Purification Chemist Needed

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Thu Sep 7 20:11:52 EST 2000

In article <O4Vt5.291$v3.2714 at uchinews>, "Emir Khatipov" <ekhatipo at> wrote:
>Could you explain what cGMP policy means?

I don't know what the acronym stands for (NOT cyclic GMP
obviously), but it means that the technological process has to
conform to a set of standards employed in making stuff you'd
use on humans (or some general medicinal purposes?).
A biotech thing, in other words :-)

- Dima

(privet :-))

>"Eric Celidonio" <ecelidonio at> wrote in message
>news:kMJf5.49906$Q8.384599 at
>> Location :Boston
>> Salaray: dependent on experience
>> Description: Seeking an individual experienced in the development and
>> support of biopharmaceutical purification processes. Requires expertise in
>> industry experience is required along with cGMP policy.

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