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Rogier rogier666 at
Tue Sep 12 05:59:38 EST 2000

Hi Emir,
maybe you can make the Mol Biol Today website a bit more informative.
It's probably a bit too early for an impact factor, but what about
telling us where the journal is indexed (couldn't find it in
Medline/PubMed, WoS, citation index. How will people find a paer
published in MBT?)), availability (how many libraries subscribed to the
hardcopy version so far?), and if there is any relation to other 'today'
journals like Immunology Today, Parasitology Today, etc.
What about a sample copy of the print version?
(address to Rogier Stuger, Mol Cell Physiol, Free Univ, de Boelelaan
1087, 1081HV Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Rogier Stuger
Dept MicFizz, Free U of A
E rogier AT biogate DOT com (spammers will be killed)
do NOT use the address. I never read that one

"Emir Khatipov" <ekhatipo at> wrote:
> You can try Molecular Biology Today (, which is a both
> hardcopy and online journal (consider your wide audience interest). I
> review your paper, or you can send it to any other editor from the
list you
> can find on the website.
> Please remove NOSPAM when replying directly by email.
> Emir

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