International Membership Encouraged

Kevin Stazey scientists_2001 at
Fri Sep 15 09:32:34 EST 2000

The Society for Molecular and Cell Biology is open for
local and international membership.
No geographical exclusivity. Everyone is invited as
long as she/he has the minimum requirements.

Professional Members
Minimum Requirements:
Applications are welcomed from new graduates with a
Master's Degree in Molecular Biology/ and Cell
Biology.  For those whose master's are in the related
field (Biology, Microbiology etc.) or those who have
finished a medical course, they must either have a
master's thesis in the area of molecular and cell
biology or have undergone considerable training in 
mol. and cell bio. in a reputable laboratory or have
participated in  research(es) in the fields of
molecular and cell biology from a reputable
institution or have taken considerable advanced
courses in molecular and cell biology and actively
teaching such course(s) in higher education.  Letters
of recommendation are encouraged from superiors.  The
Professional member has the ability to interpret with
in depth analyses,  scientific publications in
molecular and cell biology and must participate as
speaker during conventions or meetings as requested by
the society.  

Associate Members
Minimum Requirements:
Those applicants who are currently finishing their
post graduate degrees in molecular and cell biology or
related field thus currently taking courses in mol.
cell. biol. or those who posses post graduate degrees
(not mol./cell biol. oriented) but are enrolled or
participating in sit- in class room lectures in
molecular and cell biology or those who are having
their first research participation in molecular and
cell biology. Letters of recommendation regarding the
suitability of the candidate for an associate member
category are required from superiors.

Conditional Professional and Associate Members
Those applicants whose professional or associate
membership application  need to be verified by the
membership officers due to  skepticism or substandard
experience in terms of  data provided in the
application. An Oral and/or Written examination under
ambient conditions may be undertaken  to resolve the
matter. Letters of recommendation from superiors are

Non Member Participants
Students and other professionals are invited to
participate in the society's scientific activities.

International Membership Applications if not resolved
regarding their membership category will be referred
to the International  Advisory Board.

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