To: All Users of Protein Homology Software

JM joshua at
Tue Sep 19 00:28:18 EST 2000

To All Users of Protein Homology Identification Software (SAM-T, BLAST,
FASTA, PsiBlAST, etc.)

I work for  Argus Insights, a technology market research firm focused on new
and emerging technologies. I am currently writing a research paper on the
current and future software applications for Remote Protein Homology
Identification applications. We would very much like to hear your informal
feedback about the current applications that are being used- this is a
chance to have your voices heard and to provide input to the developers of
such software, so that the next generation of protein applications will
better suit your needs.

1) What are you currently using for remote protein homology detection?
2) Are you happy with it? What are its good points? What would you like it
to do that it does not do?
3) Is program speed a concern?
4) Is accuracy (i.e. false positives) a concern?
5) What would you like to tell the makers of such software?

Please be as brief or detailed as you like, and thank you for your input-

Joshua Martinsons

joshua at

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