To: All Users of Protein Homology Software

Dr. Ram Samudrala ram.samudrala at
Mon Sep 18 18:14:46 EST 2000

JM <joshua at> wrote:

>To All Users of Protein Homology Identification Software (SAM-T, BLAST,
>FASTA, PsiBlAST, etc.)

>I work for  Argus Insights, a technology market research firm focused on new
>and emerging technologies. I am currently writing a research paper on the
>current and future software applications for Remote Protein Homology
>Identification applications. We would very much like to hear your informal
>feedback about the current applications that are being used- this is a
>chance to have your voices heard and to provide input to the developers of
>such software, so that the next generation of protein applications will
>better suit your needs.

>1) What are you currently using for remote protein homology detection?
>2) Are you happy with it? What are its good points? What would you like it
>to do that it does not do?
>3) Is program speed a concern?
>4) Is accuracy (i.e. false positives) a concern?
>5) What would you like to tell the makers of such software?

>Please be as brief or detailed as you like, and thank you for your input-

Will the research paper be made public (say posted here)?


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