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> Will the research paper be made public (say posted here)?
> --Ram

I do apologize- I should have been more informative. The research we do is
not published publicly, i.e. we write one-offs for our clients. We work for
various National Labs, University commercialization departments and
investors/venture capatal firms. While it is my job to dig up data, I also
try to keep the needs of my sources in mind (and, of course, the client's).
While I cannot repost or provide the results, due to a confidentiality
agreement, I can keep responses anonymous (if desired), and those on the
newsgroup are of course free to read all the responses.

The bioinformatics industry has started to recognize the disconnect between
code-writers and bench scientists, and is tailoring its 'next wave' of
software to better incorporate the stated needs and desires of wet-lab
researchers. This feedback will hopefully provide our client with the
information they need to make informed decisions and the users of this
newsgroup with a voice that they will hear. I hope this works for you- feel
free to call me if you have any additional questions!

Joshua Martinsons

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