glycerol gradient

David J. Meyer, Ph.D. meyerdj at
Thu Sep 21 12:38:25 EST 2000

I am pretty sure that the original question was rather more about
centrifugation conditions and interpretation of results than it was about
how to form a glycerol gradient. If I come up with something I will answer
the former question.

David J. Meyer, Ph.D.
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Michael Witty wrote in message ...
>Did you think of using a freeze thaw method, like for sucrose?  Mike
>On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, D.Leonard wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am wanting to do a glycerol gradient to partially purify a 130kDa
>> and to determine if it is present in a complex (by showing up in a higher
>> sized fraction). I understand this is a older technique, but I haven't
>> able to find a detailed protocol anywhere. Any suggestions or protocols
>> there?
>> TIA,
>> Deana
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>> D. Leonard
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