SDS-PAGE running buffer exhaustion

John E. Wiktorowicz, Ph.D. johnw at
Thu Sep 28 14:47:41 EST 2000

Interesting concept, buffer "exhaustion". As long as:
 1.the system is continuous (no stacking buffer in stacking gel),
 2.the SDS stays in solution,
 3.the buffers from the anode and cathode reservoirs are remixed (ensuring
   a return to the proper pH), evaporation occurs (or enough water added to return conductivity back
   to normal),
 5.the amount of protein eluted from the ends of the gel is negligible,
 6.the amount of sample buffer and other contaminants from previous runs are
the buffer should be reusable.

Come to think of it, given the amount of effort, time, and sample that goes
into a well-run gel, maybe you should bite the bullet and just make up a
fresh buffer. :-)

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