Rnasa detection

Gabriela Dujovny gdujovny at pop.uky.edu
Thu Aug 2 17:47:53 EST 2001

Frank Fürst wrote:

> Peter Nagy <pdnagy2 at pop.uky.edu> schrieb:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Does anybody know if it exist a method to analyze and quantify Rnasa in
> > plants? Thank you for any suggestion. If methods exist, what is the best
> > way ?
> Do you mean RNA or RNase, or what? Especially if you mean RNA,
> quantifying could mean total RNA, mRNA, specific mRNA or...
> Bye, Frank

I mean RNAse, I work with a rnase and I need same method to demostrate that
it is expressed from my construct in plants, but of course this construct
kill the cells and I can not find a good technique to detect it.  I need any
method (microscope, biochemical) to detect this Rnase.
Thank for your help in advance
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