Proteomics seminars in Germany

Steve Smith steve.smith at
Mon Aug 13 08:53:05 EST 2001


We are inviting all bionet.molbio.proteins subscribers in Germany to attend
our free International Proteomics Seminars. These will take place at:

Berlin on Wednesday 12th September 2001

Hannover on Thursday 13th September 2001

Heidelberg on Friday 14th September 2001

The seminars, jointly hosted by BIO-RAD and Micromass, will feature:

  a.. Sample preparation
  b.. 2D gel electrophoresis technologies
  c.. Image analysis
  d.. Robotic spot excision and digestion
  e.. Capillary Chromatography
  f.. MALDI and ESI-MS-MS technology
  g.. Bioinformatics

For more information and on-line registration please visit

Steve Smith
Micromass UK

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