inclusion bodies and color

Michael Witty mw132 at
Wed Dec 19 18:52:53 EST 2001

Dear S.Ballal,
             I found this too.  At the time I assumed it was black bits of
carbonized tryptone or yeast extract from the manufacturing process or
from my own autoclaving - this helped me ignore the black layer.  Mike.

On 16 Dec 2001, S.Ballal wrote:

> Hi everyone!
> While isolating inclusion bodies from E.coli for a expressed proteins
> we are getting some black colored layer around the inclusion body
> pellet.
> It is not from the medium as the cell pellet is free from such color
> and is normal whiteish brown.  There seems to a difference in the
> quantity of color formation depending upon the source of Yeast extract
> and tryptone also.
> I would like to know if any other group is also having similar results
> and possible reasons for it and of course if it due to oxidation of
> proteins how to get around such a situation
> thanks,
> S.Ballal

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