Has anyone every heard of Schrondinger's equation

Kresten kresten at my-deja.com
Thu Feb 1 03:44:04 EST 2001

> Well, I didn't say "prove"...
> The evidence is kind of indirect.
> People have tried to start renaturation from many many different
> conditions - and every time the same native fold was adopted

Ahh, but this argument is invalid. First of all it isn't known that
different kind of denaturations lead to many different starting points
(sub-spaces) in conformation space.

Also, and very important, experimental and theoretical evidence clearly
points towards that even starting at very many different conformations,
proteins are quickly guided to something that looks like a (or some)
pathway(s). I am not arguing against "the new view" (which isn't very
new in my oppinion) here. Im just stating that you don't get sampling
of all of conformation space just by starting at different denaturation
conditions. We might sample a lot of the unfolded (random coil or what
ever they are) conformations, but most of the proteins are quickly
guided (kinetically) to some parts of conformation space (often within
deadtime of stopped flow). So we (and the protein) will never know
whether there's are global minimum out there somewhere.


> A different approach: In many proteins, mutations have been found to
> have a great effect on folding kinetics and sometimes even on the
> pathway, the intermediates and transition states involved etc. But
> every time the protein folded to the same native structure as the wild
> type.

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