Post translational modification??

Sergio sergioal at
Fri Feb 2 05:34:56 EST 2001

proteolysis? maybe that aa is within a peptidase recognition site.


Mano wrote:

> Hi all,
>     I am studying the expression of two highly homologous proteins
> (approximately 50 kDa).  In fact their published sequence differs by
> only ONE amino acid.  Using a monoclonal antibody that detects BOTH
> proteins, I can resolve the two proteins by SDS page as if there is a
> 5kDa difference, when in fact there is only one amino acid difference.
> At this time, there is no evidence for phosphorylation differences or
> glycosylation differences.
>     Does anyone have any ideas as to why I can see such a big difference
> by SDS PAGE even thought the proteins are only 1 amino acid difference
> in length?
> Thanks.
> Mano.

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