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Emir wrote:

> Don't know much about that, but what about melanoma? Or I might just
> misunderstood what you need...

I already thought of different types of tumors diseases, cancers, but the
incidence in the average population is very low, especially in this area
where the sun doesn't shine much thus not suppressing the local immune system
and also the number and amount of carcinogenious substances in the
environment are low. Still, I never thought of researching some known types
that are mainly involved with mutational factors, hoping this could be it.

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> > Hi all,
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> > I've just started with a molecular biology study after I've gotten a
> > "pre-BA" in medical microbiology. The problem is that I need to do an
> > assignment where I select a disorder/deformity/defect that is caused by
> > a mutation and can be detected easily by a) protein measurements or b)
> > visually. Now, of course some disorders came to me (thalassemia, CF,
> > G6PD, BRCA 1 en 2) but the problems are a) these do not occur often in
> > the general western population, b) the distinction between the genetic
> > and the mutational types can almost not be divided by clinical assays
> > and c) the tests take up way to much time and can't be completed in the
> > number of hours we have in the lab.
> > So, my question would be if anyone can name a disorder, deformity or
> > defect that finds its origins in genetic mutations and can be detected
> > rather easily.
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