trypsin digestion and structure of protein

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> My boss says that if I can digest my protein with trypsin and discrete
> bands appear, rather than total digestion, I can conclude it has some
> structure other than random coil.

Do your boss and my boss know each other?  :-)

> Well, my protein is digested to nothing, compared to BSA, which is hardly
> touched.
> Do we all think that my protein has no ordered structure in solution, and
> is therefore not worth crystallizing?  Mike.

Not necessarily.  You should do a titration of trypsin conc, say from 
0.5 mg/ml down in 4 or 5 fold dilutions to the ng/ml range.  You could 
also use chymotrypsin, V8, pepsin, thrombin.  RT at 20 minutes should do 
it, then quench the proteolysis and boil in Laemmli buffer immediately.

It's worth setting up a Hampton screen anyway, at highish (10 - 20 mg/ml 
) [protein] - if you get lots of oils then it's likely to have mobile 
portions and be difficult to crystallize.

how big is the sucker?



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