Value of protein folding project?

Michael Cavanagh medill at
Wed Feb 14 15:16:13 EST 2001


My name is Michael Cavanagh and I am a reporter for the Medill News
Service. The Medill News Service is an arm of the Northwestern
University Graduate Journalism Program with metro newspaper clients in
the Chicago area.

I am doing a story about the "Folding at Home" distributed computing
project and would like to get some comments from individuals working and
researching in the biotech field regarding the value of such a project.

Specifically, I am interested in finding out what practical implications
the understanding of how proteins fold hold for medical and scientific

Down the line, what does this level of understanding mean to our
research into diseases, viruses, mutations, cancers, reproductive
issues, etc.

Please feel free to call me at the Medill News Service at (312) 503-3813
or e-mail me your phone number and I will let Northwestern pay for the

E-mail replies are appreciated as well. If you would like to respond
electronically, please do so to my lexicon at address.

I have a deadline of noon Thursday, CST Feb. 15, so any comments would
be appreciated before then.

Thank you very kindly,

Michael Cavanagh

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  - Office: (312) 503-3813

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