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Thu Feb 22 05:52:00 EST 2001

  Why are you using volts and not amperes for your SDS-page?. In Current Protocols,  the values of amperes for SDS-page are given, although it is said that it is possible to use volts as well. But they don't give any idea about the conseauences (if there are any). I'm wondering what's 'better': whether apply the constant force (voltage) or current (and thus have constant movement of ions) for SDS page and also for transfering proteins in western blots. I don't also understand why is the resistance changing during these two procedures. Do you have any idea, please?

Moreover, I found in manual for the semi-dry apparatus (which I'm using) that it is useful to limit the current during the transfer of proteins to membrane to 5.5mA/cm2 for minigels, but in Current Protocols the value 0.8mA/cm2 is mentioned. Do you have any explanation for this difference?

Thanks a lot for your help

Zdenek Berger

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