Mr of Human Serum Proteins by SDS-PAGE

Chris Elkins chriselk at
Mon Feb 26 13:23:13 EST 2001

Dear Sir/madam,
    I am a bacteriologist working on the binding of serum proteins to my

bacterium.  My assay consists of iodinating NHS, binding the labeled
serum to bacteria and isogenic mutants and see what proteins bind to the

parent but not the isogenic bacterial mutant.  After binding of NHS to
bacteria and washing, I run SDS-PAGE gels and do autoradiography.  I
have identified a
number of hot bands.  I would like to look up somewhere what these
proteins might be based on Mr by PAGE, and then confirm with
immunoblotting, etc.  Remember that I cannot sequence these directly,
since the bacterial proteins are present and they iodinated serum minor.

    Do you know of a reference where I could find the molecular weight
of serum proteins by SDS-PAGE?


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