Covalently cross-link a GST fusion protein to GSH agarose?

Rick Thorne rthorne at
Wed Feb 28 05:19:30 EST 2001

Dear Fred/Phil/whatever \yournameis,

Pierce sell just a kit to do as you describe. I have not tried this kit but
I have already tried the same X-linker myself (before I saw the kit ) but I
was not all  that impressed by the results. Maybe they have optimised the
protocol. You should also consider that the X-linker might screw up your
interaction(s). I have also tried other means to get rid of the fusion
protein but there is so much of it relative to the binding proteins it
causes major headaches. My solution is to run the whole damn eluate on a
BioRad 491 electrophoresis prep cell which can seperate things by size (all
of our bp are bigger than the fusion).



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