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Carsten Kettner ckettner at
Fri Jul 6 02:39:42 EST 2001

Dima Klenchin schrieb:

> Formally, the term proteomics was coined to ease getting
> more money for whatever protein-related research. Fanciful name =
> new = more chances to be funded. Apart from that and trying to
> understand new realities, I'd suggest the following answer:
> Proteomics is the same old anything about proteins but with one
> twist: proteomics is mindless. That is, it is not hypothesis-driven
> and it does not aim to understand anything specifically. Instead,
> its intent is to make a cataloog of features (expression profiles,
> 2D maps, 3D structures, sequences, etc, ect, ect) which will
> be useful for all other protein-related research. Kinda like
> genome sequencing projects - pretty boring and bringing very
> little new knowledge but unquestionably useful in many respects.
>         - Dima

Where can I sign this statement?

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