JDIP: first public release

Lukasz Salwinski lukasz at mbi.ucla.edu
Fri Jul 6 12:11:57 EST 2001

uh.. it looks like my previous annoucement got stuck somewhere :o[
so once more...

It's our pleasure to announce the first public release of JDIP - our new, 
stand-alone, Java-based interface to the DIP database (Database of 
Interacting Proteins; http://dip.doe-mbi.ucla.edu). It's still got a lot 
of rough edges here and there but it seems to be quite stable so we think 
there's no reason not to release it. The program provides the same 
functionality as the original, Web-based interface to DIP but with quite 
a few extras including local storage of protein interaction networks, 
both, in graphical and XML-based formats, custom rendering and annotation 
of interaction graphs and embedded scripting language (Python, to be 

It might be of interest that the format of the data files (specified as 
an XML schema - to be found at http://dip.doe-mbi.ucla.edu/jdip/jin.xsd) 
is generic enough to allow JDIP to serve as an interface/visualization 
program dealing with data completely unrelated to protein-protein 
interaction - is all the matter of writing appropriate (either server 
or client side) scripts...

You can find JDIP at http://dip.doe-mbi.ucla.edu/jdip
Please, direct questions/suggestions/bug reports/etc to jdip at mbi.ucla.edu  

Lukasz Salwinski (and the DIP database maintainers)
lukasz at mbi.ucla.edu

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