blotting an EMSA gel???

M. Hertel hippocampus at
Fri Mar 2 04:38:08 EST 2001

Hello everybody
I have a slightly weird question:
I want to blot my 4% native EMSA gel to a membrane for western blotting
(no supershift doesn't work , but my Ab was fine for western blotting)
The "normal procedure" doesn't  work because the gel will be to sluggy
to prepare the stack of papers and membrane and in the end it will stick
unsolvable to the blotting membrane.
So my idea was to cast a gel on a carrier matrix, or transfer it  to
something afterwards, like for gel drying. So I can blot trough in the
end. My Ideas were whatman paper, or this Cellophane sheets you use for
gel drying (don't know anything about the pore size) or would some
cotton fabric (thin T-shirt) work.???
Any ideas are welcome

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