Protein denaturation.

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Mon Mar 5 08:45:54 EST 2001

"andrzej f. lyskowski" <jendrekl at> wrote:

>I know that what I'm going to ask you will be a simple problem, but this
>is my last resort.
>I was ask to dig some information about protein denaturation. Not any
>specific protein and not necessary danaturation in controlled way.
>Simply saying how to destroy protein. I found almost all existing
>information on Sanger and Edman degradation and then that you can do
>hyrolysis or that SDS destroys sulfide briges but not DETAILS.

DTT destroys disulfide bridges.

>Can anyone point me to the place on the net or send me some information
>concerning that subject?

Do you mean denaturation (where the chemical integrity of the
polypeptide is maintained, except perhaps for disulfide bonds) or
degradation (where the polypeptide is cleaved)?

- Heat works always,
- cold works sometimes
- urea or guanidinium chloride are common chemical denaturants.

How they work? Nobody really knows, at least for the chemicals. They

Bye, Frank

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