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Les Erickson les22 at
Mon Mar 12 16:18:47 EST 2001

A postdoctoral position is available to study the function of class III
myosin motor proteins in vertebrate retina.  Class III myosins contain a
kinase domain and localize primarily to photoreceptor cells, where, in
Drosophilia, they have been implicated in signal transduction pathways.  We
have isolated myosin III genes from fish (bass and zebrafish) and human
(Dose, AC, and B. Burnside (2000) Genomics, 67, 333-342.) and have begun
characterizing their encoded proteins.  This position would involve
purification and identification of myosin III complexes from retina using a
highly-specific antibody already in hand, yeast two-hybrid screening for
interacting proteins using retina cDNA libraries already in hand, and
expression of recombinant myosin III proteins for use in motility and kinase
assays.  Applicants should have experience in molecular biology and protein
biochemistry.  Please email curriculum vitae and contact information for
three references to: Dr. Beth Burnside, Dept. of Molecular and Cellular
Biology, University of California, Berkeley.  Email:
Burnside at

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