black dots on western blots

Kalns John E Contr USAFSAM/FEH John.Kalns at
Tue Mar 13 08:34:47 EST 2001

We get <1m dots all over films from Western blots run on a Hoeffer system
(Mighty Small).  We do not get this type of background when we run the same
protocol using a BioRad system.  The Biorad system has bigger problems and
we want to change over to Hoeffer and stop using pre-cast gels.  The little
black dots on the film would be OK if we were only probing for a single
protein but now we are probing with antibodies against various
post-translational mods and so pick up lots of bands and want to show the
whole thing.  Anybody have a similar experience and find a solution?
Problems during transfer?  Thinking of doing an experiment of running the
gel on Hoeffer and transfering using Biorad with a good cooling system.


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